A large number of students of Yuvaraja’s College in city staged a demonstration this morning in front of the college in protest against withholding of their results, during which three students reportedly attempted suicide.

While one student tried to consume pesticide, another attempted to douse himself with kerosene while the third threatened to jump down from the top of the college building. Members of Kannada Hitharakshana Vedike, who supported the students’ cause, are said to have prevented the students from taking the extreme step.

The protesting students said that the college authorities had withheld the Final Degree results of 72 students. The students claimed that they had staged a similar protest on Aug. 3 during which the college authorities had assured to declare their results.

“We do not even know whether we have passed or failed. Even if we had failed, we could have appeared for supplementary exams,” lamented the students.

However, College Principal Prof. Nanjegowda explained to SOM that as per a Supreme Court judgement, students who have less than average attendance may be allowed to appear for their exams but under specific conditions given to the college in writing, one of them being that the college could withhold results of those lacking attendance.

The Principal said that the students lacked information about the Supreme Court order. When asked why the students were not told about these conditions earlier, the college authorities said, “They do not even come to the college, how could we tell them?”

The students in turn asked “Why do we have a notice board then?” Another student asked “Why issue exam hall ticket if you are not going to announce the result?”

When asked about the students who attempted suicide, the Principal suspected that they were not the students of Yuvaraja College but were Vedike activists.

Inspector Suryanarayana Rao and personnel from Lakshmipuram Police Station took some of the protestors into custody. Soon the students dispersed from the campus.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore