Nanjangud is a taluk headquarters in Mysore district and is an important center of pilgrimage. Nanjangud is on the banks of the River Kapila (Kabini) tributaries of the Cauvery River. The name of the town is derived from the huge Nanjundeshwara or Srikanteswara temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva who is locally known as Nanjundeshwara. It was also known as Garalapuri in the Sthalapuranas. Nanjangud is considered as one of the sacred Hindu pilgrimage center and also known as the ‘Dakshina Kashi' (southern Kashi). The temple town of Nanjangud is situated about 23 Km. from Mysore and 162 Km. from Bangalore.

As per Hindu mythology, while searching for nectar of immortality the Gods and demons churned the ocean. During this churning, poison emanated first out of the ocean, to prevent the poison from spreading across the universe and to destroy it, Lord Shiva came to the rescue and drank the poison. Lord Shiva's wife Parvathi then held his throat tightly to prevent the poison from spreading to the rest of his body and killing him. Narada held his mouth so that he did not vomit it out. The poison remained in his throat, making it blue in colour. So Lord Shiva is also called Neelakantha, or "the blue-thorated one". Nanjanagud literally means the place where Nanjundeshwara (God who drank poison) resides. Nanjundeswara is also described as one who cures diseases of his devotees.

Nanjangud has been a major Shaiva centre since times immemorial. The temple is a large complex structure in the Dravidan style, and appears to have been originally built by the Gangas (or Cholas) and additions were made to it through centuries till 1900, by the Hoysalas, Vijayanagara rulers, Palegars and others. Wodeyars of Mysore have provided various grants to renovate the temple. It was renovated by Krishnaraja Wodeyar III and the tall gopura was built in 1845. It is one of the biggest temples of Karnataka, 385 ft. in length and 160 ft. in breadth.

The Muslim ruler Tipu Sultan had strong faith in God Nanjundeshwara called him as 'Hakim Nanjundeshwara', as his favorite and beloved elephant’s eye aliment was cured by administering the holy water (theertha) from the temple. He has donated a Lingam made of jade along with an emerald necklace.

Nanjangud TempleThere are 200 big and small shrines inside the temple like the Narayana, Chandikeswara, Parvathi, Natya Ganapathi and others. There are 121 statues of Shiva in different avatars, 65 Lingas, mantapa, vahanas(carriages) and Uthsava Murthis(idols used during procession).

The Rathotsava or the car festival will be held during March/April every year, lakhs of devotees gather for the occasion. During the Rathotsava cultural program's, illumination of the temple, a colorful floating festival (Theppotsava) are conducted.

Near Nanjangud there is a confluence of the rivers - Kapila and Gundlu. This confluence is called "Parashurama Kshetra". It is said that it is here Parashurama had repented for the sin of beheading his mother. There is a Parashurama temple built in the Mysore style, the sanctum has an idol of Lord Parashurama and he is worshipped here. This place has shrines of Maruthi and a newly built Basaveshvara temple.

Another important centre in Nanjangud is the Raghavendra Math founded by the close of 15th century and great gurus or heads like Sudheendra Thirtha and Raghavendra Thirtha headed this institution. It has a fine collection of Sanskrit manuscripts and copper plates.

Nanjangud is famous for Ayurvedic Tooth Powder and other Ayurvedic products manufactured by the Late Sri. B.V.Pandit. The Sadvaidyashala established by him serves people very successfully. Ayurvedic medicenes produced here are marketed all over India. In earlier times (1950-70) a tooth powder brand made locally called 'Nanjangud Hallupudi' was also very famous all over Karnataka.

Nanjangud is also popular for a variety of banana locally known as Nanjangud Rasabale.

Nanjangud is also an important industrial hub of Mysore district. Many big Indian and multinational companies have their units in Nanjangud Industrial Area which is spread across 532 acres. There are 36 major industries, 12 medium industries and 35 small-scale units at Nanjangud. Some of the major industries located in Nanjangud are:

  • Nestle India Ltd
  • AT&S India Pvt Ltd
  • TVS Motor Company
  • Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd
  • South India Paper Mills
  • S. Kumars Reid & Taylor
  • ABB
  • Jubilant Organosys
  • Brakes (India)
  • Bacardi RUM
  • Indus Fila


Nanjangud Temple Timings

06.00 am - 10.00 pm - On Mondays
06.00 am - 01.30 pm and 04.00 pm - 09.00 pm - Other Days

Nanjangud Temple Entry Charges

Free Entrance

How to Reach Nanjangud Nanjundeshwara Temple

Nanjangud is 163 kms away from Bangalore and 24 kms Mysore.
KSRTC Buses, Private Buses and Trains ply regularly from Mysore City.

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