Mysore Cuisine includes a delicious palate of food items all of which have rice as the main ingredient. The cuisine of Mysore resembles to a large extent the Udupi cuisine. Idli and dosa form an important part of the cuisine of Mysore, different types of dosas and idlis and chutneys to accompany them will take one by surprise.

Mysore Masala dosa is served with potato filling eaten with sambar and coconut chutney. There are other types of dosas like set-dosa, rava or semolina dosa, onion dosa. Maligae idli, rava idli and thatte idli (flat idli) are other type of idlis. The other popular breakfast dishes include uppittu (roasted semolina laced with chillies, coriander leaves, mustard and cumin seeds), shavige bath (spicy dish made of vermicelli) and oggarane avalakki (seasoned beaten rice). The other dishes that are common eaten as breakfast are puri palya, pongal, vada sambar and kesari bath (a sweet made of semolina and sugar laced with saffron).

A traditional lunch of Mysore generally includes kosambri (cereal salads), huli or saaru (a thick broth of lentils and vegetables cooked together with ground coconut, spices, tamarind and chilli powder), gojju (a vegetable cooked in tamarind juice with chilli powder), palyas (vegetable salads made of parboiled vegetable chopped finely and tossed with grated fresh coconut, green chillies, curry leaves and mustard seasoning), rasam, pappad, pickle and curds.

Some of the rice based dishes like bisibele bath (a spicy rice preparation with vegetables), vangibath (rice mixed with brinjal curry), chitranna (rice mixed with seasoning, turmeric and lemon juice or raw mango scrapes) and pulliyoigrae (rice falvoured with tamarind juice and garnished with groundnuts) are part of the traditional food of Mysore.

Popular sweet dishes are Mysore Pak (gram flour fudge), rave unde (sweet balls made of semolina and coconut scrapes), chiroti (a light flaky pastry made of flour, sprinkled with powdered sugar and soaked in almond milk), holige or obbattu (a flat, wafer-thin chappati filled with a mixture of jaggery, dried coconut and fried gently on a skillet) and shavige payasa (made of milk, vermicelli, sugar, dried fruits and cardamom pods).

Coffee (Indian filter coffee) is the preferred beverage. Some of the snacks that are prevalent here are chakkuli, khara mandakki (spicy puffed rice), churmuri and kodubale (a doughnut shaped spicy snack made of fried semolina).

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