Mysore enjoys a wonderful climate all year round. The ideal time to visit the city is between the months of October to March.

During the summer season, Mysore experiences a moderately hot climate. The summer season is from the month of April to June. There will be a wide variation in temperature between days and nights in summers. Summer day temperatures average at 30° C though some days may be as hot as 39° C. The average night temperature is 20° C in summer. May and June are the warmest months.

The monsoon season is quite short ranging between June to August. The relative humidity levels during the monsoon season are very high than the rest of the year. The average annual rainfall in Mysore city is 667.2 mm. at any time of the year one can come to enjoy the royal beauty of Mysore city but it is advisable to avoid the rainy season. The southern monsoon winds influences the weather of the city of Mysore.

Winter during December to February is extremely comfortable, with day temperatures for December averaging 27° C. The average night temperature is 17° C in winter. Mysore gets an average 86 centimeters of rain annually, most of it during the monsoon, which lasts from June to October. Even in the rainy season, it rarely rains all day.