Mysore, Mar. 6 (RK&SH)- Many challenges have cropped up in higher education as a result of changes in global system. Internationally, competition in all fields and employment opportunities have made it imperative to redesign curriculum and examination system apart from relaxation in the scope of studying various subjects as overseen by the Boards of Studies, opined Prof. V.G. Talwar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore.

He was speaking after inaugurating a two-day National Workshop for College teachers on New Challenges in teaching English language through literature, in Junior B.A Hall of Maharaja's College here this morning under the joint auspices of University of Mysore and the Maharaja's College.

Nearly 150 college teachers from different parts of Karnataka, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kerala are taking part.

Mobility of teachers as well as students will pick up pace, particularly those concerned with teaching and learning English literature, Prof. Talwar added.

English is globally dominating, with nearly 97 per cent of all literature in the world being published in English. The internet is virtually in English language as a major means of communication at present. Even the technology for teaching is changing fast. The changes in curriculum as well as examination system should be approached through open interaction between teachers and students, Prof. Talwar suggested.

Proficiency on the part of teachers, including those teaching English, was most important, he added.

Prof. T. Nageshwara Rao, Chair-person, Department of English Literature of Commonwealth Countries, Central Institute of Foreign Language, Hyderabad, delivered the keynote address.

Prof. S.N. Gayathri, Principal, Maharaja's College presided. Prof. P.N. Sreedevi, Head, Department of English, Maharaja's College, Prof. Latha K. Biddappa, Professor of English and Administrative Officer, Maharaja's College and Dr. N. Shantha Nayak, Secretary, Organising Committee of the workshop, were present.

The delegates will exchange their experiences and views on how best English can be taught, keeping in mind the needs of modern world, new approaches to English language and innovative methods of teaching.

Session I (today) will be devoted to Dynamics of teaching poetry. Session II will be devoted to Shakespeare-21st century: Technique transformation in drama.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore