Mysore, Feb. 24 (DM)- Kadalekaalu Ganesha, Saasivekaalu Ganesha, Pattabhirama temple's Poorvaja Gopura, Bheema Shilpa Phalaka, Kallina Ratha...

More than 200 photographs of all these and other historically famous temples were on display at V-LEAD in Hebbal Industrial Area on Monday at a photography exhibition titled 'Vijayanagara Vaibhava,' organised to mark Sri Krishnadevaraya's 500th anniversary of coronation.

Many pictures of temples of Krishnadevaraya's time, the fort, bathing ghats, dilapidated and renovated temples were displayed at the exhibition.

The photographs of the first edition of famous Virupaksha Temple, Hemakoota Temple, Purandara Dasa Mantapa, Tulabhaara Mantapa, two storeyed watch tower attracted visitors the most.

Besides, photographs of the queen bath rooms, Gaja Shaale, Kamala Mahal, Ramachandra Bazar, water pond with stone steppings, watchman's residences, vessels that were in use then and prominent temples too attracted the attention of visitors.

A seminar on Krishnadevaraya too was organised on the occasion, in which Dr. R. Gopal, Director, Department of Archeology and Museums, Dr. S. Rajashekhar and Dr. A. Sundar spoke on Sri Krishnadevaraya's accession, the political atmosphere during his time and Krishnadevaraya in the eyes of tourists.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore