Mysore, July 13 (KCU&MTY)- About 15 sheets of holograms with 30 in each, learnt to be used for affixing on government documents like RTC, was reportedly found dumped in a dustbin close to DC's Office here yesterday.

A rag picker was reportedlytrying to pick up something usable from the bin when the bundle of glowing holograms caught his attention. Few Congress activists led by Vidyaranya Block Congress Vice-President C. Y. Shivegowda present near the office staged a protest alleging that DC office staff were totally negligent of important items which may be used for creating fake documents if landed in the hands of unscrupulous elements. None was accessible in DC's office to offer comments.

What is a hologram ?

Hologram, also called holograph, is a distinctive pattern produced on a photosensitive medium exposed by holography (recording the wave pattern of light reflected from the object using lasers to record on a photographic plate) and then photographically developed. It is used as sticker by either a Government office issuing various documents such as certificates and photo identity cards as well as manufacturers of products to ensure authenticity.

The holograms are the exclusive property of the users and is part of the accountable stationery of Government offices kept in the custody of a designated responsible official. Its use needs to be authorised by an appropriate authority.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore