Two tiger cubs diagnosed with Umbilical Hernia at the century-old Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, popularly known as Mysore Zoo in city, which has successfully bred tigers in captivity, will go under the surgeon’s knives next month.

The three-month-old cubs which are unable to walk properly owing to Umbilical Hernia drag their hind legs to move about, said Zoo Executive Director B.P. Ravi who added that the cubs will likely be operated upon next month as they are still suckling.

Once they start feeding on their own, they will be separated from their mother as it is inadvisable to separate the cubs from their mother until they have been weaned as the separation could cause shock to the mother, he said and added that the authorities will wait until they have been weaned at which time the cubs will be eating small pieces of chicken.

Ravi also added that he would bring the matter of the cubs’ surgery before the Health Committee comprising expert veterinarians at the meeting to be held on Nov. 19.

He further said that the surgery had been planned next month to avoid hand feeding of cubs as, if they have to be operated immediately, they should be hand fed and added that there is no immediate threat to the cubs and the surgery was a simple one which will be performed by the Zoo Veterinarians.

Stating that post-operative care was crucial for the survival of the cubs, he said that the Zoo Management which is not taking any chances were taking all possible steps to take care of the cubs after the operation. However, he said that Umbilical Hernia is not rare in tigers and it is curable.

Four cubs were born to tigress Anusuya on July 28, 2013 after which two had died with the other two diagnosed with Umbilical Hernia and awaiting surgery.

It is said that with the arrival of 12-year-old tiger Brahma, which was caught in the Brahmagiri Forest Range in Kodagu in 2008, the captive breeding of tigers was stepped up in the Mysore Zoo.

Anu who was rescued at the Bababundangiri Hills in Muthodi range is now part of the buffer area of the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, a few months ago and the zoo management decided to pair Anu with Brahma, which was earlier paired twice with white tigress Manya.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore