Mysore, Oct. 9 (BRS&KK)- The traditional tongas and the Dasara Information Centre for tourists were launched under the auspices of Dasara Tourism Sub-Committee by Mayor Sandesh Swamy in the Mysore Palace premises yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion, the Mayor said that tourists should be provided with information about tourist distinctions, history and heritage of Mysore and also the programmes of the on-going festival. The information must be impressive, he said, adding that persons conversant with many languages should be posted at the information centres. Meaningful information should be given to tourists mirroring the grandeur of Dasara, he told the functionaries at the centre.

Later, Sandesh Swamy, KHB Chairman G.T. Devegowda, Zoo Authority Chairman Nanjundaswamy, Tourism Committee Chairman V. Giridhar, Vice-Chairman Sundar, S. Govinda had a ride in tongas in the Palace premises.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore