Mysore, Oct. 18 (BRS&HT)- A large gathering of more than 50,000 spectators had come to witness the torchlight parade, the grand finale of this year's Dasara festival, marking its 400th anniversary, on Sunday evening at the Bannimantap Parade grounds, which is the culminating point of the Jumboo Savari procession route from the Mysore Palace moving on Sayyaji Rao Road via K.R. Circle and Highway Circle.

Fireworks, laser show, dare-devil acts by bikeriders of Bangalore-based Military Police and even the acrobatics by foreign artistes highlighted the glitter and grandeur of the evening's programme, which also included an attractive parade by the Police Force, who made a great impression on the spectators by their scissors-crossing and 'Lotus,' 'Christmas Tree' and 'Pyramid' formations.

Earlier, Karnataka Governor H.R. Bhardwaj was accorded a Guard of Honour. Platoons of Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) and District Armed Reserve (DAR) took part in the March Past. Firing of cannons marked the start of the torchlight parade.

Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, District In-Charge Minister S.A. Ramdas and heads of the various departments of the State government were present.

Good show by people-friendly cops

Mysore, Oct. 18 (MSA&JP)- It was obvious that the special Dasara Police team in their Green and Yellow T-Shirts, who were here, there and everywhere were seen doing a magnificent job, particularly yesterday. They were seen talking to out-of-town visitors, telling them about the Jumboo Savari.

Several officers of the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police drawn from other districts were also seen briskly approaching confused-looking tourists and guiding them.

Even Constables on deputation from places like Bagalkot and Dharwad, who did not know much, took the trouble of guiding visitors to other Policemen who were more knowledgeable. Scores of officers were seen doing the rounds of constantly supervising their men.

City Police Commissioner Sunil Agarwal was spotted from 8 am till 5 pm continuously on the move, checking on his men.

Acrobatics in full swing

Mysore, Oct. 18 (KCU)- Acrobatics on a bicycle was a rare item that drew the attention of spectators during the Dasara procession. City's J. Nagaraj exhibited his balancing skills on the cycle and won a thunderous applause from the crowd. Though a septuagenarian at 75, Nagaraj still seemed to be a bundle of energy and enthusiasm who displayed a variety of acrobatics. His grandson, 12-year-old Ravi, seemed to be a chip of the old block performing a couple of acrobatics himself on the cycle.

Single-wheel cycle

Luther, another person from USA, thrilled the spectators with his juggling of bowling pins while balancing on a single-wheeled cycle. He is learnt to be in city for learning yoga. Also a good guitarist, Luther is believed to have displayed his balancing skills on the special cycle at several places in city.

Botswana touch

There were also some African students from Botswana who wore animal hide anklet and shin covers and carried shields covered by animal hide. They performed a spirited dance along the way.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore