The State Government has recently passed an ordinance to issue title deeds to all those sites distributed by the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) on which the beneficiaries have constructed houses and are living in them, said District In-Charge Minister S.A. Ramdas.

Addressing a press conference in a private hotel yesterday, Ramdas said that out of the 19,890 sites distributed by the MUDA from 1989 to 2003, around 85% citizens have obtained title deeds during 2005 itself, based on the ordinance issued then.

In this backdrop, the government passed a fresh ordinance dated Mar. 20, 2013 to hand over title deeds to the beneficiaries, said Ramdas and added that henceforth, the title deed will be a vital document for the buying and selling of properties in city.

β€œIn the 47,000 sites in city having β€˜B’ khatha, 35,000 houses have been constructed. As per the Karnataka Urban Development Act of 1991, title deeds are issued after 10 year lease period and construction of the house. This rule was however abolished in 2001; with provision made for issuing title deeds for the sites too,” the Minister said and added that the amended rule was in force till 2005, after which it was reverted to the lease-cum-sale deed.

Title deed rules are applicable to the sites distributed prior to the 2005 amendment.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore