Madikeri, Oct. 18 (KBM& KMC)- Thousands of devotees from South India witnessed the an-nual event of Theerthodbhava at Talacauvery near here, the birthplace of River Cauvery, early this morning.

The devotees, gathered around the Punya Kola (the holy pool where devotees take holy dips) since midnight, rushed into the Kola at 2.35 am itself.

The Police found it difficult to control the crowd charged with religious sentiments.

Though the astrologers had predicted the time of Theerthodbhava at 3.11 am, it is said to have occurred 2 minutes later, that is at 3.13 am, amidst the chanting of Govinda, Govinda, Manthraghosha and mangala vadya.

MP A.H. Viswanath, MLA M.P. Ranjan Appachu, Deputy Commissioner Ashwathanarayana Gowda and others were present.

A pearl necklace adorned the idol of Goddess Cauvery, presented by industrialist Arun Cariappa. The Talacauvery Jathra will be held for a month, during which it is considered auspicious to take a holy dip at the Triveni Sangama, the confluence of three rivers, offer pinda daana and then proceed further up the hill 5 kms to Talacauvery, to bathe in the Punya Kola.

As has been the practice since the past several years, members of Kodagu Ekikarana Ranga, Mandya Nagarikara Samithi, the Chettiar family and members of Virajpet Kodava Samaja distributed food packets to the pilgrims.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore