The State Government proposes to set up 100 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) across Karnataka for construction workers and their families, announced Labour Minister B.N. Bache Gowda here yesterday.

Addressing a media conference, the Minister said that The ITIs would be set up at a cost of Rs. 250 crore, he said and added that training will be imparted in masonry, plumbing, bar-bending, carpentry, painting, electrical works, welding, fabrication and interior decoration.

“Four vehicles in Bangalore and one vehicle each in every district headquarters will be deployed to create awareness among the construction workers on the benefit of getting their names registered,” he said.

Those who register their names by paying Rs. 25 and renew their membership by remitting Rs.150 for three years would get many benefits from the board, such as medical benefit of Rs. 400 to Rs. 6,000 if treated as in-patients and Rs. 2 lakh in case of death during work and Rs. 80,000 as accident relief.

Beneficiaries would get medical assistance to the extent of Rs. 2 lakh for surgeries and treatment of various diseases. They would also get Rs. 500 as disability pension per month in case of serious diseases such as cancer, paralysis and leprosy.