The Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has stopped issuing Khatas for properties in Siddartha Nagar and K.C Nagar since Feb. 6, 2013, according to purchasers of properties in these layouts that were transferred from Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) to the MCC. The last khata was issued by the MCC on 10.01.2013.

Thereafter, whenever purchasers had applied for the transfer of khata, the MCC refused to issue the same citing the Order No. MCC (C) PA/30/2012-13 but never mentioning from where that order had come.

Following this, one Mrs V. Mamatha of Alanahalli in Mysore, who had purchased a property in KC Nagar, had asked for transfer of khata, but refused, made an application under RTI to furnish information as to who had issued the order No. MCC(C)PA/30/2012-13 of 05.12.2012, the reply received from the MCC’s Zonal Office-9 Citizens Services Centre, was that the copy of that order was enclosed. Surprisingly Mrs. Mamatha’s letter from MCC did not have the enclosure of that order as mentioned in the letter dated 22.7.2013 in reply to her enquiry under the RTI.

Mrs. Mamatha and also all those who had purchased the land in Siddartha Nagar and K.C. Nagar have requested the MCC Commissioner and the Dy. Commissioner to issue proper direction to the authority in MCC to issue khatas as per the rules.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore