Mysore, Nov. 4 (MTY&KMC)- A State-level seminar on "The Achievements of Dewan Sir Mirza Ismail" organised by the Department of Studies, History, University of Mysore and Kannada University, Hampi, was held at Rani Bahadur Auditorium yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion, former Vice-Chancellor Dr. B Sheikh Ali said that Sir Mirza was known for his loyalty towards the Maharaja of Mysore, had brought in administrative reforms and established several industries and educational institutions, for which even Mahatma Gandhi had termed Mysore State as Rama Rajya.

"Sir Mirza’s three-point formula was Fidelity, Duty and Beauty," said Dr. Ali and recalled that being an avid horticulturist, Sir Mirza was responsible for planting trees all over Bangalore and establishing the Brindavan Gardens at KRS dam.

"A country that forgets its past has no future at all," Dr. Ali said and added the study of history was essential to improvise and better our futures. He deplored the Central and State governments for neglecting the study of art, while at the same time concentrating more on science and technology.

Another speaker, Pro-Chancellor of Central University, Gulbarga, Dr. S. Chandrashekar said not much is known about the works of Sir Mirza and opined that research must be conducted and related materials collected.

"Some information about the work of Sir Mirza can be obtained from newspapers of that time. Textbooks concentrate on the contributions of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar and Sir MV while forgetting to mention the achievements of Sir Mirza Ismail," he said.

Kannada University VC Dr. A. Murigeppa presided.

Sir Mirza Ismail: A Profile

Sir Mirza Muhammad Ismail (1883-1959) was the Dewan (Prime Minister) of the Kingdom of Mysore, Jaipur and Hyderabad. Born on October 24, 1883 in Bangalore, he was the son of Ali Asker. Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV and he were classmates in college. After his graduation from Bangalore in 1904, he started off as an Asst. Superintendent of Police with the government.

Sir Mirza Ismail became the Private Secretary to the Maharaja, who had great faith in his administrative acumen and abilities to implement them. It was at this time the King urged Sir MV to guide him. It is well documented that Visvesvaraya became Mirza Ismail's mentor. In 1926, on the recommendation of Vishvesvaraya, the King supplemented Mirza Ismail by elevating him to the coveted position of the Dewan of Mysore.

The Kingdom of Mysore, under the reigns of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV and Sir Mirza Ismail was known as "the golden age of Mysore", prompting Mahatma Gandhi to call it Rama Rajya, implying they were like brothers and despite their religious backgrounds they put the welfare of the people of the State above all else.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore