There seems to be yet another scam during the tenure of P.V. Avaradi as the Deputy Director of Palace Board in connection with the electric fence on the compound wall around the Palace.

In the wake of threats from terrorists, the then City Police Commissioner, on Dec. 4, 2008, had written a letter to the Palace Board, asking it to lengthen the grill around the Jaya Marthanda Gate of the Palace and to install an electric fence on the compound wall of the Palace.

The Palace Board then awarded a contract to a public sector company ECIL in 2010 to install the electric fence on the compound wall of the Palace running up to five kms, at a cost of Rs. 1.6 crore, after negotiations.

But the fence, which was erected only for a length of two kms and supposed to be charged with eight kilo watt power, is now said to be defunct.

Besides, lapses were found in the erection of metal grills and maintenance work.

Avaradi, after granting two months’ extension for the completion of works on May 4, 2011, retired on May 31, 2011 after signing a report that the project was complete. But the project was only completed on Aug. 29, 2011. This raises questions on the entire project itself with the bill pertaining to the works being cleared and paid during Avaradi’s tenure.

The current Deputy Director of Palace Board T.S. Subramanya is said to be unaware of the terms of contract. The authorities suspect more irregularities and lapses in the execution of the contract.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore