Medical Education Minister S.A. Ramdas paid a surprise visit to Kidwai Memorial Hospital here on Tuesday and took the officers to task for the sorry state of affairs.

He inspected every section in the hospital including general ward, kitchen, store room, administration wing and other facilities and expressed his displeasure over the mismanagement. The Minister was in for a shock when he found from the attendance register that 48 medical officers were absent.

Another 38 officials, who had signed the attendance register, were not found on duty. They had left the hospital without informing their superiors. It showed how the government hospitals are being run.

Terribly upset over the unauthorised absence and indiscipline on the part of employees, the Minister announced that the guilty would be severely punished. "Suspension is not a remedy. If I suspend them they would lead a happy life sitting at home drawing 20 per cent salary. I would stop two or three increments of those found guilty," the Minister thundered.

Ramdas also visited the Dharmashala meant for the relatives of the patients. Many relatives aired their grievances before the Minister and complained about the delay in providing treatment to the patients.

As it was really a surprise visit, the staff of the hospital could not find scope to keep the hospital premises clean, thus exposing the inefficiency of the authorities.

They could not find time to cover up the loopholes and alert their colleagues to be prepared for the Minister's visit which puzzled the staff.

Ramdas was surprised when he learnt that files were pending since 10 years. "No file should remain pending for so long in my department," he observed.

He told the media that he would call a meeting of officials on Nov. 9 to clear pending matters in the hospital. The Advocate-General will also be invited for legal assistance, he said.

According to sources, the Minister will continue such visits to hospitals and he would take care that information regarding his visit is not leaked.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore