Mysore, Nov. 4 (RK&JP) - The wide expanse at the junction of Ramakrishnanagar, officially named as the Ramakrishna Nagar Circle, that has roads leading off to Kuvempunagar, Dattagalli, is all set to be developed on the lines of K.R. Circle, with the installation of the statue of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

A proposal to make this the second largest circle in the City with a royal superstructure that will house the statute of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, has been forwarded by Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) to the State Government for approval.

The circle was unofficially referred to as 'Andolana circle' as that daily had put up a bus shelter there; and people began calling it so.

Sources in MUDA say that all the roads leading off from the circle will be widened considerably and two of them will have tree-lined medians dividing the road. Budget estimate for the project is at Rs. 3,40,42,000.

MUDA has also taken up the project of building a raised ornamental heritage superstructure, similar to the one that houses the statue of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, opposite the Palace.

The initiative to replicate the Nalwadi heritage with a statue of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was planned by MUDA Commissioner P.C. Jayanna with inputs from Superintending Engineer K. P. Shivakumar, Executive Engineer Veerabhadraiah, Zonal Officer (Zone 2) Gurupada Swamy and Secretary Vidya Kumari.

MUDA Executive Engineer T.K. Ravi, speaking to SOM, said that the superstructure will be in keeping with the heritage concept of the other similar superstructures in city.

Simultaneously, MUDA will also take up the ambitious project of introducing various modifications to the circle, further widening it and the development of a double road right up to Kanakadasa Nagar.

Ravi said that the work would encompass the construction and ornamentation of the Circle along with ornamental lights, landscaped lawn patches and stairs leading up to the statue.

Following the model of the Nalwadi statue, this superstructure will also be topped by a cupola with a small spire. The entire cost of constructing the superstructure etc. will cost MUDA around Rs. 93,73,269.

Ravi said that the construction of drains and widening of existing roads into a 24 metre double road will be done at an estimated cost is Rs. 2,44,68,087.

Concurrently, the various water supply works as well as landscaping and gardening would cost Rs. 2,75,000 while miscellaneous expenditure may amount to Rs. 17,822.

The circle, which will exceed some 55 metres in diameter, will have a footpath of 5.5 metres all round, broken only by the road leading off from the circle.

Road widening: Chaduranga Road — From the present 7.29 metres to 18.31 metres; Vishwa Manava double road — 21.75 metres to 34.54 metres; Udaya Ravi Road — 15 metres to 23.99 metres; Dattagalli 2nd Stage Main road — 8.5 metres to 18 metres and Dattagalli 3rd Stage main road — 20.52 metres to 34.15 metres.

According to the Executive Engineers of MUDA, there will be trees planted along the median of Dattagalli 3rd Stage main road and the Vishwa Manava Double road. There will be trees planted in addition to the existing trees on all the five roads. A bus bay is also proposed to be constructed a little away from the present bus shelter on Udaya Ravi road.

When asked about the possible date for the commencement of work, Ravi said that this would begin as soon as approval was received.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore