Mayor Rajeshwari Puttaswamy passed a ruling in the MCC Council meet yesterday that the Raja Marga in city — the royal path through which passes the Jumboo Savari — will be paved with the ornamental Sadarahalli white stones.

This decision, which was unanimously supported by all members, comes as an amendment to an earlier decision in which it had been proposed to erect pink-stone pillars along the Raja Marga.

Former Mayor Sandesh Swamy, addressing the Council, said that the MCC Commissioner has come here to work for the city’s development but no work is taking place here. “The Corporators are being portrayed as villains for the non-completion of Raja Marga work,” he said and added that the Council must issue a statement clarifying that none of the Corporators had hampered the Raja Marga work.

In reply to this, MCC Commissioner Dr. M.R. Ravi clarified that none of the Corporators had caused any trouble with regard to the Raja Marga. “The contractor Chhabria Constructions had been asked to lay the pinkstones at a cost of Rs. 33,000 per square feet. However, since the pink-stone mines have been closed down, the Raja Marga work had been stalled,” said Ravi and when he sought permission for laying white stones, the Council granted approval unanimously.

Regarding the Chief Minister’s Rs. 100 crore grant, Sandesh Swamy asked why the work had not commenced even though the required funds were released. It is being rumoured that the Income Tax Department has confiscated all your bank accounts. Is it true?” he questioned.

In reply, Dr. Ravi said, “The funds come to the joint account of the Deputy Commissioner and MCC Commissioner. Funds can be released for commencing the works only if he grants permission. The Government had been urged to change this system earlier. But it did not take place.”

Corporators Mahadevamma and Sunanda Palanethra butted in between complaining that only a few members were given the opportunity to speak and began putting forth their grievances. When some Corporators took a dig at the duo saying, “We are getting a headache listening to the same old problems, the speakers retorted, “Yes, yes… you do get a headache when we women speak… but you have no problem to listen to the men droning on and on, right…” and the entire Council burst into laughter.

“While we are seeking a solution to the drinking water problem, the District In-Charge Minister seems to have already commenced distributing sarees and panches,” said some JD(S) members and the BJP members retorted, “Okay, you too distribute chaddi-baniyans (undergarments)… who is stopping you?”

The Mayor disclosed that Corporator Mahadevamma of Ward No. 50 had submitted resignation to her post and the same has been accepted on Jan. 21. “Mahadevamma, a victim of Operation Lotus (floor-crossing to the BJP), was afraid that she might lose her membership in the Council based on the judgement given by the Regional Commissioner and hence, had voluntarily resigned,” she said.