A group of animal-lovers staged a protest demonstration in front of the Jumbo Circus tent in city this morning, accusing the circus company of treating the animals cruelly.

Members of the People for Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA) led by Greeshma Maithra from Mumbai, Sahana Animal Care Organisation led by Kumaraswamy and Jai Jenendra Group of People for Animals (PFA) staged the demo.

Speaking to press persons, they said that ill-treating the animals for entertainment is a crime. “We are not against the circus; but we oppose the use of animals who are treated cruelly during training. We have evidence to prove that the animals are being cruelly treated,” said Greeshma.

When press persons pointed out that the PETA or PFA had not opposed the use of elephants in Jumboo Savari and about the caged animals in the Zoo, the PETA members said that they were contemplating on protesting against the Zoo and Jumboo Savari procession too in the near future.

Meanwhile, another group sat in protest in support of the circus organisers, mostly comprising Youth Congress members. They stated that the circus was a medium to bring people closer to animals and to love instead of fearing them. Yogananda, Mohit Gowda and others led this group.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore