K.R. Hospital Resident Medical Officer (RMO) Dr. Chandrashekar has issued a clarification with regard to the protest held in front of the mortuary yesterday.

In his statement, Dr. Chan-drashekar has said that a few people had protested in front of mortuary as a result of him ordering to register a Medico Legal Case with regard to the death of Kaval (65) the day before yesterday.

He has said that Kaval was admitted to K.R. Hospital on June 5 as an unidentified person. At the same time, the people who had admitted him to the hospital had gone missing. Since the hospital authorities grew suspicious, it was suggested to treat the same as Medico Legal Case after informing the Police.

Later, the people who admitted the person, informed the hospital authorities that the man was Kaval. Unfortunately, the person died on Monday. Since, the case was treated as a Medico Legal Case, it was mandatory to subject the deceased to post mortem as per the rules. But a few people objected to the post mortem and demanded the body to be handed over.

Later, the Devaraja Police were informed about the incident and the body was shifted to mortuary for post mortem.

Dr. Chandrashekar has also alleged that some people, who were against the body being subjected to post mortem, threatened him and also used abusive language against him.

Dr. Chandrashekar has said that some persons had framed false allegations against him which was far from truth. He also clarified that RMO’s office was nowhere related to post mortem.

It may be recalled here that a few people held a protest in front of K.R. Hospital mortuary yesterday accusing Dr. Chandrashekar of demanding bribe and delaying the post mortem of one Kaval, who died at the hospital on Monday.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore