Here is a perfect example of how official apathy may cost the public a facility dear to them.

One of the three pre-paid auto counters functioning at the city Railway Station has been shut down for the past 10 months. The first pre-paid auto counter aimed at facilitating the Railway commuters to reach their destinations in the city safely was set up in 2005. The pre-paid counters served the public by collecting Re. 1 from every commuter seeking the facility and functioned round-the-clock. The counters issued tickets mentioning the Reg. No. of the auto, date and time, the ultimate destination and the auto fare as well.

The tremendous response from the Railway commuters for the pre-paid counter forced the authorities to meet the rising demand, especially with the introduction of a flurry of new trains, to set up two other counters, one at the Railway Station premises itself and the other at Jagjivan Ram Circle closeby. These two additional centres saved precious time of alighted Railway commuters in reaching their homes across the city, especially during the rush hour, when trains from different destinations reached the city almost at the same time. Also, the pre-paid auto counter facility lessened the task of Traffic Police in controlling the crowd, as a significant section of alighted commuters queued up before the pre-paid counters. But the closing down of the additional counter in the Railway Station premises has burdened the two other centres, much to the inconvenience of the commuters.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the counter was closed down due to want of experienced operating staff, with the staff manning the counters being paid out of the Re. 1 fee collected from each commuter availing the facility.

Also, the authorities seem to have turned a blind eye to the proposal of setting up new such counters at the western gate of the Railway Station (CFTRI side), Mysore Zoo and at the Varaha Gate of the city Palace, for which the government has given permission.

City Police Chief clarifies

Meanwhile, city Police Commission Dr. M.A. Saleem, admitting that the additional pre-paid auto counter in the city Railway Station premises was closed, attributed the same to shortage of manpower and assured to take measures for relocating the shut down counter at the western gate of the Railway Station (CFTRI side).

Also, steps will be taken to ensure setting up of a new additional counter at the Railway Station and as well at the Mysore Zoo and the Varaha gate of Mysore Palace, to meet the needs of tourists visiting these places, he added.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore