Mysore, Oct. 11 (BRS&AB)- The audience at Manoranjan Dasara programme held last evening was sent to raptures by Mumbai's noted singer Krishna Kumar, popularly known as KK.

Many a magical moment marked the musical evening that was organised on Maharaja's College grounds as the singer rendered the popular numbers including Mohabbat Zindagi Hai..., Bindas hey bindas.... and others. The beginning of the programme was marked by a low-key show but later picked up high pitch. Girls in the audience, who joined the artistes while they rendered the melodies by tapping their feet, heightened the effect further.KK was greated heartily by the boisterous youth with loud whistling and clapping to a deafening pitch. The excitement displayed by the audience reached levels that belied the lean audience, who also lent their voice to the singers.

The actual action at the venue was delayed for nearly one hour expecting more people to arrive at the venue. In spite of waiting for a protracted period of time, the gathering remained lean with the vacant chairs looking conspicious. Even as a few who had waited patiently for the programme to begin showed signs of leaving, the crew on stage got alerted and ushered KK on to the stage.

Waving his hands at the audience, the singer spoke a few words praising the city's beauty and then began singing, a move that was greeted with delight.

Earlier the troupe from Cha-marajanagar led by Puttamalle-gowda presented Gorava Kunita, launching the second day's programme.

Later, noted singers Archana Udupa, Ramesh Chandra, Ajay Wariyar, Badri Prasad and others rendered Kannada songs. The dances presented by Ocean Kids troupe from Manga-lore enthralled the audience.

The show was lacklustre as most of the chairs in the front were vacant. Policemen outnumbered the connoiseurs of music and art.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore