With National Monument Authority (NMA) of the Archaeology Survey of India (ASI) giving clearance to shift the 18th century Armoury of Tipu Sultan in Srirangapatna, the major hurdle for the much hyped and long delayed railway track doubling work between Mysore and Bangalore crossed a major hurdle.

R. Gopal, Director, Department of Archaeology, Government of Karnataka, speaking to SOM said that that the NMA had finally given its clearance to move the monument and the file has been referred to the Secretary, Department of Kannada and Culture, who heads the NMA (South) overseeing monuments in Mysore and Bangalore division to get the approval from the Ministry of Kannada and Culture and added that this is expected to happen soon.

Gopal said that three proposals (a) To move the monument as it is slowly which is a two months process, (b) to cut eight blocks, shift & plaster and (c) To shift brick by brick and reconstruct it was laid before the NMA. Of the three proposals, the first one was chosen as it would retain the heritage look better than the two other proposals which required plastering and reconstruction.

He further stated that as the monument would be moved 100 mts. beyond the temple, the clearance was given and said that the work on moving the monument would be completed in two months from the date of commencement and added that this method of moving of monument inch by inch using the skidding method was the first of its kind in the country.

Gopal said rocks and stones had been used in the foundations of the armoury which is 10 ft deep and added that a new foundation would be laid before moving the armoury. Regarding the work, he said that it is yet to be decided wether the experts would called in or tenders would be called.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore