‘Rebuilding of structures at Uttarakhand and Chile is a big challenge’, said Dr. N. Banthia, Chairman, Steering Committee, Protect-2013. He was speaking at the two-day fourth International workshop on ‘Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under extreme loading’ jointly organised by University of British Columbia, Building Fire Research Centre and The National Institute of Engineering at Hotel Regaalis in city this morning.

Dr. Bantia said that these workshops would help in discussing solutions to the problems in rebuilding of the structures damaged due to natural calamities. He also said that University of British Columbia was working on various projects related to India and a place had been identified near Belawadi in city where projects will be implemented. Later, speaking on the occasion, Dr. C.S. Vishwanath, Chairman, Civil-Aid Technoclinic Pvt. Ltd, said that there was need to concentrate more on the quality of steel and design used in the construction of the buildings. “Earlier, more concentration was given to concrete, but today it was important to concentrate on steel and design. New technologies must be adopted to make the building resist the additional pressure at time of natural calamities like earthquakes”, said Vishwanth. H.N. Ramathirtha, Director, NIE Board of Management and Chairman, Centre for Research and Consultancy, inaugurated the workshop and released the Indian Concrete Journal on the occasion.

This is the fourth international workshop and is being held for the first time in city.

About 60 papers will be presented by experts from USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy and India.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore