Mysore, Nov. 2 (BRS)- History is not popular nowadays. It is not the fault of history if common people and readers are showing negligence towards history. The blame should go to historians and teachers of the subject. History should be written in an impressive style and teachers should teach in an alluring style, opined Prof. A.V. Narasimhamurthy, noted historian and former HoD of Studies in Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Mysore and Chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mysore Centre.

He was speaking after releasing the book Gangaprabhu Durvineeta authored by Dr. H.M. Nagaraju and published by Godhuli Prakashana, Bangalore, in a function at Veene Sheshanna Bhavan here on Sunday.

Ganga dynasty was the first royalty speaking pure Kannada among the many royal families that ruled in Karnataka. Durvineeta is the highest rated ruler among the Ganga rulers who had a long innings from Hangavadi. His political achievements and contributions to culture are immense. That was why he earned a niche in the land's history, remarked Prof. AVN.

Speaking after inaugurating the event, retired Vice-Chancellor of Kuvempu University Dr. K. Chidananda Gowda recalled the religious fervour of Durvineeta and shared his views on the publication released in the function.

Introducing the publication and explaining its value, Dr. M.G. Manjunath, Professor in Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies, Mysore University, observed that the political significance and cultural contributions of the Ganga dynasty which ruled in Karnataka for a long time have not been studied in depth. Historians should bestow their attention on the subject, he added.

Historians have recorded the Ganga dynasty as one of small time rulers and feudal chiefs, which is totally unjustified, he said. Gangas are in no way inferior to any other dynasty rulers. All the edicts portraying the Ganga rulers have declared them as Emperors. This has to be taken note of by historians, Prof. Nara-simhamurthy suggested.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore