Former Director of Kerala State Archaeology, Chennai, T. Satyamurthy inaugurated the two-day national seminar on ‘Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Tourism in South India’ organised by Mahajana Tourism Development Institute on KRS Road in city on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that development of tourism in the country is largely dependent on culture and added that the culture of the nation should be portrayed in a fitting man- ner to make tourism an effective medium to attract the masses.

Every village in India has its own essence of tourism, with unique culture, practices and historical values. When all these aspects are depicted in an effective manner tourism will witness development, he opined.

Pointing out that the god’s own country Kerala is ranked first in tourism sectors in the Nation, Sathyamurthy said that the State does not have much of historical, monuments and places of attractions, but still has excellent scope for health and environment tourism. Though Odisha has a rich combination of history and heritage, it does not stand on par with Kerala when it comes to tourist footfall, he stated.

Indian tourism is perhaps one among the oldest tourism countries on account of religious, historical, heritage and cultural reasons, he added.

The Director of Epigraphy branch, Archaelogical Survey of India, Mysore, T.S. Ravishankar said that numerous historical manuscripts available in India contain information about the country’s heritage and culture. He said, appropriate measures should be taken to make foreign tourists know about such antiques.

‘Pravasodyama Abhivruddhi- Hosa Aayama’ (New perspectives of tourism development), a book authored by Prof. K. S. Nagapathi, Director of the Mahajana Tourism Institute was released on the occasion.

Mahajana Education Society President R. Vasudeva Murthy, Samskruti Subbanna and L. N. Swamy of the institute were present on the occasion.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore