Our ancestors were unaware of scholarly reading and writing. And yet, they gifted thousands of meaningful folk songs to their future generations. Who composed the songs and who scored the music for them? No one knows.

Mysoreans enjoyed a rare treat of such diverse folk songs at the event organised under the aegis of All India Radio, Mysore, at Jaganmohan Palace last evening.

AIR Mysore artiste G. Gururaj and troupe sang the story of Manteswamy, a farmer leader who started the farmers’ movement, through Neelagara’s tamboori pada. The folk journey continued with the kamsale pada by Malavalli Mahadevaswamy and troupe, Sobane pada by Sunka Tonnur’s Krishnegowda and troupe, Soligara pada by H.D. Kote’s Chamamma & Lakshmamma and Kolata dance by T.S. Narasimhanayaka & troupe.

Folk scholar Dr. P.K. Chandrashekar and team elucidated on the importance of folk culture through their recital of melodious folk songs. Earlier, the audience were treated to instrumental and talavadya concerts under the direction of K.P. Upadhyaya and Tumkur B. Ravishankar.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore