K.R. Nagar, July 4 (M&SB)- Four students from Mysore who were stranded in the midst of Cauvery river yesterday, have been rescued by Police and public in Chunchanakatte here.

The final BE students of SJCE College in Mysore — Vijay, Ankith, Abdulla and Jagadish Gugari — who went on a picnic to Chunchanakatte waterfalls, were sitting on a rock when the Granite India Electricity Production Unit nearby let out excess water after stopping the electricity production. The boys, who were surrounded by water, called their friends in Mysore on mobile for help, who in turn contacted the Police.

Immediately, Chunchanakatte Police Outpost Head Constable H.V. Nataraju and staff Sheshachala and Rangaswamy, with the help of localites, rescued the students using ropes.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore