Miscreants in the city seem to be getting more innovative and more desperate to earn a fast buck by devising novel methods of thefts. The latest is the breaking open and stealing of costly fittings in 15 cars in the same neighbourhood in one night, in which they have stolen music players, home theatres, petty cash and other accessories by either removing the beading and rolling down the glass panes or by breaking the glass itself.

All the 15 cars that were vandalised were parked on 5th and 6th main roads in Vijayanagar I Stage. The thefts were noticed in the morning when people got out of their homes on various errands. News about the thefts spread like wildfire in the neighbourhood with people becoming anxious about the safety of their vehicles and other belongings.

While the miscreants made away with Rs. 250 cash from a Maruti Omni belonging one Prem Kumar, another Rs. 300 and an audio-set were stolen from an Innova car belonging to Dr. Pratap Kumar Shetty.

From the rest of the cars, the miscreants looted music players, home theatres and other gadgets, according to Inspector B.R. Lingappa of Vijayanagar Police Station who has launched a search for the culprits.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore