Miscreants in the guise of polishing gold ornaments robbed a woman of her 40 grams gold chain at Chamaraja Mohalla in city yesterday morning.

The victim has been identified as Nandini, wife of Shivakumar, a resident of Kunchatigara Street in Chamaraja Mohalla.

It is reported that Nandini went to her neighbour Lalithamma’s house and noticed three persons polishing silver ornaments there using chemicals.

The three persons, as they were polishing the silver ornaments, asked Lalithamma if she had any gold ornaments to be polished as they were experts in that and also that they would do for free. Lalithamma refused saying her gold ornaments did not need any polishing.

Meanwhile, the three persons offered the same to Nandini who was present there. Initially she refused but later succumbed to the offer of free polishing.

The three miscreants, after having finished the silver polishing work in Lalithamma’s house, then went to Nandini’s house to polish the gold ornaments.

Nandini then gave them a 40 gram gold chain to be polished whereupon they went to the kitchen and kept water to boil on the stove. Then they added some chemical to the boiling water and immersed the chain in it.

After 30 minutes, the water turned black and the miscreants are said to have told Nandini to remove the chain after the water is cooled and not before as it would lose its shine and left her house in the bike in which they had come. After sometime, Nandini drained the black water only to find there was no chain in the bowl. She immediately informed her neighbour to get their information but they did not have any information regarding the miscreants.

Lakshmipuram Police Inspector Suryanarayana Rao and staff, who reached the spot on receiving information, conducted mahazar, registered a case and have launched an investigation.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore