The Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has agreed to take four layouts under its fold out of the 19 proposed by the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) at a meeting held at MCC office yesterday.

The decision was taken after a meeting was held in the presence of MUDA Commissioner S. Palaiah, Superintending Engineer M. Shivakumar, MCC Commissioner P.G. Ramesh, Superintending Engineer S. Krishna and MCC Zonal Officers.

It is said that the MCC did not agree to take all 19 layouts under its fold, instead agreed to take only 4 layouts under its limits.

Sources said that, MCC had agreed upon taking Dattagalli 4th Stage, Vijayanagar 3rd stage, Vasu House Building Co-operative Society Layout, Dattagalli and Karanji Mansion under its limits out of the 19 layouts.

It is said that MCC Superintending Engineer S. Krishna had rejected the other 15 layouts terming that they were not developed completely.

Reacting to this, the MUDA officers said that all the 15 layouts were given Correct Dimension (CD) report after they were completely developed. They also informed MCC that MUDA does not have any authority to take up development works at private layouts. Though MUDA requested MCC bring the remaining layouts under its limits under certain conditions, it said that MCC did not agree upon the matter.

MUDA also said that MCC had been collecting taxes from the residents of layouts and it was its responsibility to provide basic facilities such as roads, drinking water and street lights.

It is said that the meeting concluded with both MUDA and MCC officials deciding to conduct a joint inspection of the remaining 15 layouts to take a final decision.

Layouts yet to come under MCC

  • 1. Satagalli 1st stage
  • 2. Nagarika Yogakshema Housing Co-op. Society Layout, Bogadi
  • 3. Yogakshema Housing Co-operative Society, Sriramapura
  • 4. Mahajana Education House Building Co-operative Society, Hebbal
  • 5. Al Haj Nasir Ahmed Layout, Devanur
  • 6. Gururaja House Building Co-op. Society, Kyathamaranahalli
  • 7. K.V. Arkanath Layout, Bogadi
  • 8. Telecom Employees Layout-I, Bogadi
  • 9. Telecom Employees Layout-II, Bogadi
  • 10. Chief Engineers Office Employees Welfare Association Employees Layout, Bogadi
  • 11. CFTRI Employees Layout, Bogadi
  • 12. K. Ramamurthy Layout, Bogadi
  • 13. Nandini Layout, Alanahalli
  • 14. Preethi Layout, Sriramapura 3rd stage
  • 15. Mahadeshwara House Building Co-operative Society, Hebbal.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore