Mysore, Apr. 27 (HT&DM)- The new city Mayor Sandesh Swamy has instructed for four hours of continuous water supply on alternate days.

Addressing a meeting of Water Inspectors at the Vani Vilas Water Works here yesterday, Sandesh Swamy instructed the Water Inspectors to supply water for 4 hours on alternate days in each division, after grouping all the 65 wards in the Corporation into two divisions, instead of simultaneously supplying less quantity of water across the city.

The Mayor also suggested to meticulously utilise the Corporation's 35 water tanks for distribution of water in case of emergencies.

The Mayor, who took the officials to task for not resolving the water problem despite the availability of 193 MLD of water to the city from Belagola, Megalapura and Hongalli Pumping Stations, instructed them to hand over the maintenance of these stations to AEE Narayanaswamy.

Continuing, the Mayor instructed for the proper maintenance of 800 borewells across the city and at the same time to carry out repair of non-working borewells.

The Mayor, who heard the plea from Water Inspectors that they also be paid Travel and Phone allowances, assured them he would instruct JUSCO to pay these allowances. He also assured the Water Inspectors that he would direct JUSCO to reimburse the money if they undertake water supply maintenance works in their jurisdiction through contractors.

The Mayor, after obtaining information on the lacunae in water supply, asked the Inspectors about the problems they faced, for which the Inspectors replied that their only problem was non co-operation from JUSCO officials. Some of the JUSCO officials present at the meeting, refuting the claim of Inspectors, said all differences would soon be resolved.

The Mayor, taking serious objection to the reply given by JUSCO officials, cautioned them that he would write a letter to Government and the Governor seeking cancellation of the contract, if their errant behaviour continued. The Mayor also warned the Water Inspectors that they were certain to face stern action in case they failed to supply adequate quantity of water in their jurisdictional wards.

Corporators Mahadevappa, Nandeesh Preetam, VVWW Executive Engineer Subramanya, AEEs Kariappa, Parashivamurthy, Vishwanath, JUSCO's Ghouse were among those who took part in the meeting.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore