Mysore, Feb. 23 (JP)-Animal Rights Activist and Member of Parliament Maneka Gandhi has welcomed the proposed cow slaughter ban in the State by the BJP government.

Maneka Gandhi was in city today to perform the bhoomi puja of People For Animals (PFA) hospital to be set up at Roopa-nagar on the outskirts of the City here in Bogadi.

Speaking on the occasion, Maneka Gandhi, the noted environmentalist, said that it was a good idea to ban cow slaughter and it should include buffaloes also. Animal sacrifice was still going on in many parts of the country and 'we need to do what is to be done' to prevent this and lobby for stringent laws that prevent the killing of animals in the name of religion.

Earlier, Maneka Gandhi, who is also the Chairperson of PFA, a voluntary animal protection organisation, performed the symbolic turning over of the first clod of earth to the chanting by purohits at 10.30 am.

MLA and former Minister Shobha Karandlaje was also present along with the Board Members of the Mysore Chapter of PFA — Savitha Nagabhu-shan, Poornima Harish and R. Vasudev Bhat.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Maneka Gandhi said that mining should not be carried out in the Western Ghats regions as it was the 'home' of the Slender Loris primate which once abundant was now an endangered species.

She also said that she hoped the local media would take an active interest and support the cause of PFA.

So far India's only wildlife hospital started by PFA was in Bangalore and the Mysore hospice would be the second one, Maneka added.

Shobha Karandlaje, speaking as the guest of honour, said that the last time Maneka Gandhi was in Mysore, was some 15 years ago and she was glad that Maneka was here again and for a cause dear to the hearts of all people — a hospice for injured and sick animals.

Vasudev Bhat, one of the convenors of the Mysore Chapter of PFA, said that though PFA had been in existence in Mysore for many years it was only now that with the acquiring of land that it would be in a position to do something more concrete for animals in distress.

Bhat hoped that this would fulfill a long felt need of animal lovers to bring injured animals and birds for treatment and perhaps release in the wildlife.

"Injured animals or even sick animals have no refuge in the city and it is the dream of PFA to provide just such an hospice. The hospital and the animals shelter would also have the requisite veterinary specials on call, an ambulance and in-patient facilities," Bhat said.

Maneka Gandhi, who left for Bangalore immediately after the function, told Star of Mysore that issues like animal sacrifice in Davangere and Gadag would soon be a thing of the past. She said that implementation of Wildlife Act was possible only by the proactive stand that people need to take.

Speaking to SOM, Savitha Nagabhushan, one of the Convenors, said she hoped that a large number of people would join and take part in the activities of the PFA.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore