Mysore May 23 (KK&DM)- The present location of Mandakalli airport in the proximity of Chamundi Hill may prove to be an accident-prone zone, given the tragic air crash at Mangalore’s Bajpe airport yesterday in which more than 160 people perished.

The elevation of the airport is 2100 feet above the sea level while the Chamundi Hill is 4965 feet above the sea level and this could be a possible risk. Moreover, the Hill is towards the northeast direction, in the path of flights to and from Bangalore.

Concerns had been raised in the year 2005 about the location of the airport being in proximity to the Chamundi Hill and an alternative location at Hunsur was suggested and even a report from an expert committee was presented to the Govt. This issue was also raised by the ACICM, a city-based NGO. In ad-dition, there are two or three lakes nearby which may act as mirage to the pilots if not doubly alert.

Yet all this was of no avail and the airport has come up at Mandakalli where there was already an improvised airport for small aircrafts. It is now up to the Airport Authority of India to dispel the fears and assure that this new airport is safe in all respects.

It is worth recalling that the Meenambakkam airport at Chennai, being in alignment with St. Thomas Mount nearby along the Highway 45, has now been made a cargo terminal for same reason.

It may be mentioned that there was a request made to the Railway Department, before laying the broadgauge line, to shift the line to provide space for airport. That was not done due to official lethargy and also of the people's representatives.

Acquiring land too has been a problem for Mysore airport which should be tackled by the authorities with all seriousness, not yielding to political pressure, according to a frequent flyer.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore