Mysore, July 21 (MTY&KMC)- The one-way rule imposed by the City Traffic Police on Dhanvanthri Road is not only proving cumbersome for the motorists but also adversely affecting traders of the region.

The one-way rule on the stretch, linking Sayyaji Rao road and JLB Road, imposed a couple of years ago was recently reversed, which the Police claimed to be on an experimental basis.

However, traders and shop-owners on the road from Narayana Shasthri road junction to Sayyaji Rao road junction are distressed by the one-way rule as the entire street wears a deserted look on all days of the week, affecting their trades which had been doing brisk business prior to the imposition of one-way rule. Along the road are located the Devaraja Police Station, K.R. Hospital entrance, Janata Bazar Drug Store, shops selling handicraft products, private medical shops, studios, hotels, various other shops and even a place of worship.

Moreover, motorists intending to go to Boti Bazar and Shivarampet from Sayyaji Rao road have to take the longer route via either Devaraj Urs road or Irwin road. It is high time, the authorities concerned heeded to the pleas of the traders and the citizens in general and lifted the one-way rule immediately.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore