The citizens seemed to have responded to the pleas by the authorities to celebrate this year's Deepavali by keeping the decibel levels of fireworks low. Thanks to relentless rains, there is less sound and more fervour in the households celebarting the festival of lights this time. Children, however, were in for a bit of disappointment as their festive spirits were dampened by the incessant rains.

Having eagerly looked forward to the exciting three days of the once-in-a-year festival, kids were forced to scale down the merriment of bursting crackers, unmindful of the open spaces on the roads and the shattering decibel levels of fireworks.

The dealers in fireworks, however, had to settle for poor sales of their ware.

The elderly of the city could be seen satisfied with least noise pollution, normally witnessed during the three days of the festival, namely Naraka Chaturdashi (yesterday), Amavasya (today) and Balipadyami (tomorrow).

Described as the festival of lights, the sages of yore prescribed observance of the festival as an occasion to cleanse one's heart and mind, similar to tidying the inside and outside of dwellings.

The festival, spread over three days, witnesses the devout offering worship to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth on the first day (Ashwayuja Bahula Trayodashi) marking the festival's beginning.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore