Kautilya Vidyalaya celebrated Science Day in a unique manner to broaden the perspective of the students in the rocket launching theory at its premises here yesterday.

Dr. Dhruvaprasad, retd. ISRO scientist from Bangalore, was the chief guest. He spoke on the rocket launching theory and gave a broader outlook of the scope of engineers and importance of mathematics in every sphere of life as also the understanding of basic law of physics as vital instrument for launching complex devices such as rocket.

Briefing students about various stages of launching rockets and placing them in a pre-determined orbit around earth, he said space technology was a combination of several cutting edge technologies. The team that builds a rocket is a composition of wide range of experts.

“We need metallurgists to make strong, yet light weight materials for rocket. We need chemical engineers to prepare propellants required for the high velocity take off of the rocket. We need electronic and electrical engineers, computer engineers, structural engineers, aeronautical engineers and others to put a pay load on orbit,” the scientist zsaid.

The presentation ended with a video of the launch of PSLV.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore