Mysore, May 14 (RK&JP) Taking a leaf from the life of the Theerthankaras, the City's Jain community members had organised a rally this morning just as they have done every year, to espouse the cause of Ahimsa and its relation to environmental protection.

More than 2000 men, women and school children, many carrying placards, took part in the awareness procession from the Town Hall at 9.30 this morning.

The procession wound its way through K.R.Circle, Devaraj Urs Road, Narayan Sasthri road, Dhanavantri road, Irwin road, Ashoka road and Chadragupta road to the Mahavir Bhavan.

The placards reflected the teachings of Lord Mahavira — 'Live and Let live,' 'When you cannot give life, you cannot take life,' 'Healthy Food-Vegetarian food,' etc.

Several of the Jain Acharyas also took part in the rally and some of them were taken in open jeeps and two decorated horse-drawn carriages. The rally was also a reflection of the programme scheduled for May 15 when Dr. Deepa Jain will be taking deeksha before taking on the mantle of a Jain Sanyasin. She will be followed by Badalbai Gulecha, who will be taking deeksha on May 23.

Badalbai Gulecha, who is married to Devaraji Gulecha, will turn her back on her husband, her family and all relations and take to the spiritual life on May 23.

Organisations like Jaymal Jain Adhyatmik Gyan Dhyan Sanskar, the Jaymal Jain Parswa-Padmodaya Rastriya Trust, SS Jain Sangha, JPP Ahimsa Research Foundation, JPP Jain International Youth, SS Jain Sangha, Jain Terapanth Sangha took a leading part in the rally. Manmalji Darla, Vinod Kumar Bakliwal, M. C. Bansal, Prakash Chand Sankhla, Mohanlal Sethiya and Tejraj Nangavat also took part in the rally.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore