After the menace of stray cattle, pigs, dogs and monkeys in city, it is now the turn of stray horses to roam freely on the city’s thoroughfares, causing nuisance to motorists and pedestrians.

These horses usually move about in herds of three or more and refuse to budge from the road despite loud honking of horns. One such incident occurred at the Sayyaji Rao road near Bamboo Bazar on Thursday. Finally, the horses had to be chased away using sticks.

In another incident, a stray horse bit a woman in Tilak Nagar here recently, causing injuries to her.

Following complaints from some local residents, the MCC staff had caught these stray horses and transported them to Pinjrapole animal shelter.

It is said that the owners of these stray horses are never traced. But whenever the animals are caught and put into Pinjrapole, the horse-owners, using political influence, get them released and once again let them free to roam about in the city’s streets.

It is an irony that the elected representatives support a few such menace-causers, with total disregard for the rest of the population’s safety.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore