The Nazarbad Police, who are investigating into the Edwin Joubert Van Ingen property case, are said to have submitted a detailed report about Van Ingen’s properties to City Police Commissioner K.L. Sudheer, who is expected to submit the same to the Deputy Commissioner of Mysore.

Nazarbad Police are said to have prepared the inventory of Van Ingen’s properties found in his bungalow Bisil Manti located opposite to Karnataka Police Academy after seeking help from the Forest Department.

It may be noted that the Police department had sought the help of Forest Department to prepare the inventory. Forest department officials led by DCF Devaraj had visited Basil Manti last week and assisted the Nazarbad Police to prepare the inventory.

Sources said that a 50 page report containing the details about animal pelts, stuffed animals, rose and teak wood articles, photographs of stuffed animals and others have been submitted to the Police Commissioner. The same report is expected to be produced before the local Court in Mysore.

The investigation comes in the wake of Van Ingen’s complaint against his alleged adopted son Michael Flyod Eshwar, who is accused of illegally acquiring his property. Van Ingen had submitted a complaint with the Nazarbad Police on Mar. 11, 2013, a day before his death. It is further said that Michael had allegedly hatched a conspiracy to take over Van Ingen’s properties and Van Ingen’s Will had been allegedly fabricated to show that Van Ingen had gifted the properties to Michael Flyod Eshwar.

Further, the District Administration is also expected to secure around 200 acres of coffee estate owned by Van Ingen at Wayanad in Kerala after bringing the matter in front of Kerala State Government.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, City Police Commissioner K.L. Sudheer said that he had received the report and Nazarbad Police had been submitting such reports once in 2-3 days.

When asked about main accused Michael Eshwar’s whereabouts, Sudheer said that Police were still clueless regarding his whereabouts and were in search of him.

With the Police still clueless about Michael’s whereabouts, one can sense by the latest developments that Government is gearing itself up to take possession of Van Ingen’s properties.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore