In a rare display of honesty, Shivakumar, owner of SEL Dry Cleaners at K.R.Circle in city, promptly handed over a gold bracelet and a ring valued at about Rs. 1 lakh to a customer, who had reportedly left them in the pocket of his trouser which he had given for dry wash.

It is reported that one Ramesh, a resident of Nayakara Beedi in Chamundi Hill, had given a trouser and a shirt for dry wash at SEL Dry Cleaners on Feb. 26. On taking delivery of his clothes on Mar. 1, Ramesh discovered that a bracelet and a ring were missing. He recollected that he had left the jewellery in the pocket of his trouser (which he claimed was his practice).

On approaching Shivakumar at the laundry, Shivakumar reportedly told Ramesh that he had found the jewellery in one of the pockets of the trouser given for wash and promptly returned the same to Ramesh advising him to be careful in future. Meanwhile, Ramesh, speaking to SOM, lauded Shivakumar for his gesture.

Shivakumar, on his part, said, “I would have handed over the jewellery to an orphanage if Ramesh had not claimed it.” Stating that his family had been in the laundry business for over 55 years, Shivakumar said he believes in service rather than aspiring for wealth belonging to others as taught by his father.

Recalling the incident of Feb. 26, Shivakumar said that he found the bracelet and the ring falling from the trouser given for dry wash but could not identify whose jewellery it was as there were many customers. He thought that when the real loser would approach him, he would hand over the same.

“After taking delivery of the trouser and shirt, Ramesh came and complained of having lost his jewellery to which I responded and handed them over to him,” Shivakumar recalled.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore