Hilda Tresz, Manager of Applied Behaviour, Phoenix Zoo, who is visiting Mysore Zoo, will be making presentations on the following topics from Mar. 24 to 29:

1. Contra free-loading: Teaches people how to feed their animals; so instead of eating, they would forage similar to their conspecifics to the wild.

2. Let them be elephants: Shows how the enrichment programme helps to have happy, mentally healthier elephants.

3. Rita chimpanzees’ enrichment programme.

4. Lack of substrate use in zoos: To address the easy fix of empty cages and shows how much difference it makes in the animals’ lives when they do not have to sit in empty concrete cages.

5. Beneficial browse: To show how to grow plants even in the Sonoran Desert; how to create browse gardens practically from nothing under such harsh climate and provide edible (free) plants for the entire collection every single day.

Hilda Tresz is helping the Zoos around the world to introduce innovative animal management practices and enrich the lives of captive animals for over 25 years.

As Mysore Zoo is housing Chimpanzees and Elephants, it would be helpful to seek innovative enrichment programme and behavioural changes. Further, it will be a good exposure and interaction for the volunteers, officers working in wildlife field, NGOs, teaching staff and others.

Those interested may register their names for participating in the above programme before Mar. 20, according to a press release from the Executive Director of Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore