A presentation on 'Contra Freeloading' organised by Mysore Zoo was held at the Zoo auditorium in city this morning.

Hilda Tresz, Behavioral Manager at the Phoenix Zoo, who gave the presentation, said that animals show a preference to work for their food in the presence of identical free food.

Explaining about Contra Freeloading, she said that Contra means against and Freeloading means free feeding (Exploitation of freely accessible food), which means diet is being offered with the help of different devices, locations or completely eliminate free feeding in order to extend foraging time.

Hilda, while explaining about Contra Freeloading, said that it was found that starlings (Starlings are small to medium-sized passerine birds in the family Sturnidae) preferred to obtain 72% of the feed by working.

She also gave a powerpoint presentation on the subject and explained about the types of feeders used in The Phoenix Zoo. Mentioning about different types of feeders, she said that there were many types of feeders like Mat feeder, Boomer Ball feeder, Feeder Ball, Puzzlefeeder, Paper Bag feeder, Hut feeder to name a few.

About 50 volunteers including animal keepers of the Zoo, Zoo Executive Director B.P. Ravi and others were present.

B.P. Ravi, speaking to Star of Mysore said that Hilda Tresz who is a Primatologist, is on a vist to the Zoo to share ideas on animal behaviour.

She will also study the five Chimpanzees housed in the Zoo to assist in breeding programmes of primates.

Ravi said that the Zoo is trying various techniques to stimulate these animals to breed and the Zoo would be assisted by the expertise of Hilda.

Hilda, who will deliver a presentation on Chimpanzees today evening, will deliver such presentations on various topics till Mar. 29.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore