Mysore, July 23 (SH&ACP)- In the backdrop of orders from the State Government, Prof. V.G. Talwar, Vice-Chancellor, Mysore University, disclosed that criminal case cannot be filed against Prof. J. Shashidhara Prasad, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, who is facing charges of violating norms in the recruitment for various posts of the University during his office tenure.

Addressing a press meet in Crawford Hall here yesterday, Prof. Talwar said that the Principal Secretary, Department of Higher Education, had written a letter on July 14 to the University stating that filing a criminal case on the retired Vice-Chancellor would not be legal. Action was to be taken against the former Vice-Chancellor according to Section 200, Clause 4 which dwelt on disciplinary action.

Accordingly, taking action against Prof. Shashidhara Prasad should be within the legal framework, and therefore filing a criminal case would not be legal, said Prof. Talwar.

Steps are to be taken to correct the dissatisfaction caused in the matter, adhering to norms on reservation while recruiting to the posts of Lecturers, Readers and Professors during the year 2006-07, while Prof. Shashidhar Prasad was the Vice-Chancellor. Also, the Chancellor and the government should be periodically kept informed on the steps taken as per the order of the government, disclosed Prof. Talwar.

The above issues were discussed in the Syndicate meeting held on July 21, Prof. Talwar said, adding that the Social Welfare Department as well as the Department of Backward Classes and Minorities would be consulted on identifying the sections of society who have faced injustice in the recruitment process.

Prof. Talwar also stated that he would proceed to Bangalore to discuss the matter with the Principal Secretary today.

B. Ramu, Registrar (Evaluation) was present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore