"Good thoughts always prompt good action," said Siddeshwara Swamiji of Jnana Yogashrama, Bijapur.

He was delivering a discourse at a programme organised by Sharana Vedike at JSS Public School in J.P. Nagar here this morning.

The discourse has been organised tomorrow also between 6.30 am and 7.30 am.

Referring to the rich cultural background of India, the Swamiji said "Several great saints and sages were born in the country whose sayings have put a strong cultural foundation which even the west envy. An individual may be poor materialistically but his/her mind can be broad and rich with good thoughts. Listening to wise people can transform one's mind. Thoughts should always be creative and never destructive."

Recalling an incident, the Swamiji said "A boy of 6 years in rags approached a famous woman singer. She asked his name which turned out to be 'Siri' (wealth), a misnomer for his looks. The singer asked what the boy wanted and he replied that he had brought the script of a song written by him and requested the singer to sing during a public performance. She asked whether he needed any remuneration which he declined. The song was after his sick mother which the singer sang at a programme for a thunderous applause. On her disclosing who the lyricist was, donations poured in profusely which she gracefully collected and handed over to Siri."

Summing up, the Swamiji said that contentment was a great virtue which should be practised.

About 800 people attended the discourse today.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore