Mayavan, the father of five children, who were rescued from a farm-house in Kempegowdanahundi on July 16, pleaded before the Child Protection officials yesterday to hand over his children to him.

Mayavan returned to Mysore yesterday morning after learning about the incident and contacted Child Protection Officer R. Somalatha and pleaded to hand over his children.

However, Mayavan was asked to appear before the District Child Protection Committee for a hearing. When the Committee questioned him for allegedly deserting the children at the farm-house, Mayavan said that he had been to his native to get the Transfer Certificates of the children to get them admitted to a school in Mysore.

Mayavan also mentioned that he had no intention of either selling his children or putting them to work and that if he had such intentions he would have sold the children long time back and also got married for the second time.

Stating that he had no intentions of returning to his native, he said that he would take care of the children and provide them with all basic facilities. “If I return to my native, the death of my wife Chamundeshwari will haunt me and I will turn into an alcoholic,” said Mayavan before the Committee.

However, the Committee did not agree to hand over the children to Mayavan and instead said they would provide children with education and rehabilitate them. Mayavan pleaded before the Committee to at least send one of his children along with him saying that he could not stay alone.

The Committee members, who seemed to be convinced that Mayavan had no other intentions, said the matter would be decided later and posted the hearing to July 23. The Committee is said to have asked Zafrullah, the farm house owner, to appear before it.

Later, Mayavan was permitted by the Committee to meet his children who are staying at Bapuji Children’s Home.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore