A youth from Bangalore was arrested by the Madikeri Police on charges of creating a fake identity on Facebook, the social networking site, by using the photo of a girl student from a prestigious college in Madikeri town and posting obscene pictures, apart from sending vulgar messages to her friends and acquaintances through the fake identity.

The arrest was made after the girl student Priya (not her real name) lodged a complaint with the Madikeri Town Police.

The culprit is B.P. Ambarish, 24, a motor mechanic residing in Marthahalli, Bangalore and studying diploma.

It all began with Ambarish sending a friend request from his fictitious Facebook account in the name of Vinay to Priya of Madikeri. She is said to have accepted him as friend (as it is a fad among some to have maximum number of friends in their list) and responded to his messages.

The interactions, comments and messages from Ambarish (in the guise of Vinay), which were civil and decent initially, gradually became obscene as he started posting obscene messages and photos. Priya, who did not approve of the pervert overtures, removed him from her ‘friends’ list.

Angered over this, Ambarish copied Priya’s photo from her Facebook page and created a fake account in the name of Aditi Gowda. He then started posting more obscene pictures and comments from Aditi’s account. He also included another student’s phone number to the account through which he started posting vulgar comments.

Priya, who realised after a few days that her photo was being misused in a fake Facebook account, discussed it with her friends and then lodged a Police complaint. The Police, who traced the fake account and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) address of Ambarish, tracked him down to Marthahalli. He was arrested and a case booked against him under Cybercrime Prevention Act.

During interrogation, he revealed that he was also operating fake accounts in the name of Shwetha Gowda, Swetha Bablu and Vinaya, sending obscene messages through them to girls and men.

He was later released on bail.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore