Helpline: 2548253, Toll Free: 1090

Mysore, Mar. 25 (SH)- The Elder Citizens Helpline set up by JSS Medical Service Trust, Mysore, in association with the Police Department and with grants from Department of Senior Citizens and Handicapped Persons' Welfare, has been functioning for the past five years with the objective of ensuring safety to senior citizens aged above 60 years and preventing exploitation and irregularities against them.

The following services are offered by the Helpline free of cost: 1. Help to those subject to physical exploitation, denial of basic needs and assault; 2. To secure rights to helpless persons and those who have lost confidence in life; 3. Consultation to those with mental problems and physical difficulties; 4. Advice on problems relating to family; 5. Help to those experiencing fear, scare, unsafe living, crimes and threats to life and those needing medical attention; 6. Consultation to those subject to assault; 7. Providing all sorts of facilities to senior citizens facing problems; 8. Help to those in need of home for the aged; 9. Police help and legal consultation; and 10. Identity card for senior citizens.

All the above services are available on Helpline which can be called on all days between 8 am and 7 pm on Ph: 0821-2548253 or Toll Free No. 1090, says a release from the Project Co-ordinator for Elder Citizens Helpline, Room No. 15, JSS Hospital.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore