Mysore, Apr. 4 (KK&KMC)- Eco-literacy and e-waste management campaign, a weekly programme conducted for the past 10 years, was held at Kukkarahalli Lake in city today.

The 327th eco-drive launched on Oct. 14, 2001, has been sponsored by People Science Forum, a unit of Karnataka Rajya Vigyana Parishat (KRVP), Mysore Environment Trust and Dhvanyaloka.

Members of the campaign held lecture-demonstrations about segregating household waste in houses by providing separate bins for bio-degradable, non-bi-degradable and recyclable wastes. They also set out sensitization programmes about the need to gather and recycle e-wastes like old battery cells, waste bulbs and tubelights, discarded electronic goods, floppies, CDs etc.

SOM finds that there are several cases before the High Court of Gujarat about toxic leaching of mercury and lead from the ship-breaking yard at Alang.

Campaign activists sought public opinion on the urgency for eco-literacy for 'Green and Clean Mysore'. Guidance was also provided to the engineering students on informal projects in city.

Popular science books published by the KRVP were placed on display at the entrance of the Lake and distributed free of cost among the children.

Prof. V. Jagannath, Co-ordinator of Jana Vigyana Vedike and an eco-literacy activist, told Star of Mysore that the campaign had 500 active members over the past 10 years.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore